Anti-Blemish Light Face Cream

Anti-Blemish Light Face Cream


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The Anti-Blemish Light Face Cream Gel from MOUNTAINOR is reinforced to provide long-lasting benefits by treating your face for all types of blemishes, including fine lines, acne, wrinkles, scars, inflammation, irritation, redness, and hyperpigmentation. It infuses your skin with a plethora of rejuvenating nutrients, each with its own special power to repair, smoothen, and nourish your skin. Vitamin E, Licorice Extract, Lemon Oil, Glycolic Acid, Carrot Extract, Purified Aqua, Refined Glycerine, Aloe vera Extract, Shea Butter, and Moringa Oil are all included in this advanced formula. 

What are the most powerful components of this cream ?

This antiblemish cream is formulated with a wide variety of compounds that are beneficial for skin. Three of these that are natural and potent enough to heal blemishes, redness and mild pigmentation are licorice extract, tomato extract and aloe vera extract. All these three have unique ways to inhibit the synthesis of melanin pigment and help in depigmentation. They also have antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which help in healing the blemishes. All the ingredients are an amalgamation of compounds that will help in over all healthy skin without giving a heavy look and without leaving any oily residue.

How to use ?

Why do you need anti-blemish cream ?

  • Aids in discoloration
  • Evens skin tone
  • Imrpoves texture
  • Aids in acne
  • Reduces redness and dark spots


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Yes, it is completely free of SLS, preservatives, heavy metals and harmful chemicals.

Depending upon your skin type this cream can be use donce to twice a day. For acne prone skin with redness and spots, use twice a day over  a clean and dry face. For oily skin, apply pea size once a day.

This should be used at least for a period of 2-3 months to start seeing results.

No, there are no documented side effects of this cream. It is a cream made up primarily of all natural ingredients which are good for all skin types. 

Yes, this cream has no interactions with any other products. Hence it cansafely be used with serums, makeup and sunscreen. We would recommend its usage before applying makeup and sunscreen to give you a hydrated look.